Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

This book is a collection of stories about angels.

Sometimes angels appear and sometimes angels just leave their finger prints on our beings, but it is obvious when an angel has been by. Skeptics might look at the same events and chalk it up to 'coincidence' - but these are pretty extraordinary coincidences...

  • Do angels dance with us when we're happy?
  • Do they hold us up when we're sad?
  • Are angels always nearby to offer encouragement?
  • Do they help us through the worst times in our lives?

Yes, absolutely yes and here are some amazing Angel Real Life Stories to prove it!

Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

  • Guardian Angels are real - Proof positive here in this angel book...
  • The book is a inspiration to read. It is written in a nice readable style and one can relate to the stories of the people. I will recommend it to anyone that needs uplifting.

Angel on Board-Real Life Stories was one of the best if not the best angel books that I have ever read! The stories in the book were touching and unbelievable. It was reassuring to read other people's stories about their angels helping them, leaving little reminders or playing pranks on them. I have always felt that I have a guardian angel next to me, keeping me safe. Now I know I am not the only one who has someone watching over them.

To know that there are guardian angels around me, it gives me peace-to know that my loved ones are still close by, leaving little reminders for me. Angel on Board Real Life Stories will not only leave you with a warm loving feeling after each amazing story that is told. It will also give you a great amount of peace when you find yourself thinking of your loved ones that have left us too soon. I urge you to read this book if you have ever lost anyone and are wondering if they are still here, close by. They are trust me--and this book will help you start to see that they are still here and that they still leave presents for us all the time.

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