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Top 10 Best "Inspirational" Books To Believe In

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Terry Prince


Cynthia James


Revealing Your EXTRAORDINARY Essence - Practical Tools for Empowered Living

Every person on this planet has the ability to express and radiate EXTRAORDINARY qualities. Revealing Your EXTRAORDINARY Essence is about moving from the ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY. This book is for busy people who want to become more conscious and successful. By busy, I mean that the plate is full with demands and responsibilities that take up an inordinate amount of time. It is for people who feel overwhelmed, overworked and over-committed. It is for people who feel stuck and want to birth "that something" inside of them that is screaming to be released in exceptional ways. The words that come to mind when I think of being EXTRAORDINARY are exceptional, uncommon, unusual, impressive, remarkable and unexpected. Cynthia James has been teaching, coaching and facilitating for many years and the one thing that I have gleaned is that people want to be successful. They want to live a life that is filled with joy, love, peace and prosperity. They need tools and they are seeking. They need easy-to-understand tools that can guide and support them to stay on track. The self-help ...

For product reviews and more information: Revealing Your EXTRAORDINARY Essence - Practical Tools for Empowered Living


EJ Thornton, John Clark Craig


Cynthia James


Laurie Stinson

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Mamie O. Oliver


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Cynthia James


Sue Scudder


Jonathan Manske


Thomas Strawser, Mary Anne Maier, Patricia Strawser


Angel On Board

Angel On Board is a novel written from an angel's perspective. It is 'guardian angel training 101'. Angel On Board is written from and about the afterlife - or Heaven's perspective.

It has been called the most powerful angel book ever written. This comforting read about guardian angels will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

This thought-provoking novel about heavenly angels will enable you to see a new perspective - a whole new plane of existence where the angels live.

This stirring guardian angel book can and will touch your soul...

It is a treasured book and an incredible gift you give to someone you truly care about.

Your guardian angels guided you to this angel book because they wanted to give you a most treasured gift that you could keep or gift to your loved ones.

Angel On Board is a story that entertains, changes lives and heals the weary.

It is something 'to do' for people who are hurting, grieving or confused about life.

When you wish you could do more... Angel On Board is...

For product reviews and more information: Angel On Board


Watch out for angels watching out for you


Adam Chapuis


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