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More or Less Crazy

Return to the summer of '73 and adventure through Alaska as a Smokejumper. In an odyssey of movement and beauty we move across Alaska, jumping fires from Kodiak Island to the shadows of Denali, and in the winds of Isabel Pass.

The smokejumpers themselves are a varied lot - several are ex-Air America bad boys recently back from covert CIA operations in Southeast Asia, and in no mood to take orders from anyone. The rest of the crew is made up of transfers and no-rehires from the jump bases in the Lower 48 where strict, top-down, authoritarian management made it hard, if not impossible, for them to fit in. Being stuck on Fort Wainwright in a dark and dreary hangar, surrounded by chain link fences and gravel lots, and under the eye of the Army Military Police is a recipe for disaster with a healthy serving of rebellion, heroism, pranks and humor thrown in.

Adventure with these smokejumpers as they ultimately come together in an outrageous testimony to the joy of living life fully and playfully in one of America's last great true-life adventures.

More or Less Crazy

  • Smokejumpers Are Amazing People I read the book cover to cover without stopping. I could not put it down. I liked the smoke jumping parts but cringed when I read how upper management tried to micromanage. I have been micromanaged and quickly transferred to another job. What was it that made upper management think they had to control these hard workers as long as they did their job? Even though the book was a novel, it was based on actual experiences.
  • It is a must read for every smokejumper and for those who aspire to be smokejumpers.
  • Close enough to be true--fantastic enough to be fiction Over and over again, Murray Taylor draws the beautiful, visual landscape of the images of the inter-mountain west, Alaska in particular, into a stunningly visual story.

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