Books about the Paranormal - Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction books about paranormal activity, experiences and phenomenon - for the believer and the skeptic.

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The goal of all UFO research is to get to the truth.

Today, the average Field Investigator has access to technology and tools way beyond what was imagined as possible just a few short years ago.

Instead of spending hours at a library, or having to call a local observatory, or a local weather station, or an Air Traffic Control center, or a nearby U.S. Air Force Base for heavens sake, today we can get those same answers nearly instantly and by our own actions.

The book How to Investigate UFOs using your Smart Phone's intention is to open some eyes to how we can all get to the truth faster, more accurately, and using our own smarts instead of relying on the possibly filtered and controlled information from others.

May the truth be known by all!

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How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone
John Clark Craig

UFO investigator manual

Pages: 162

Angel On Board is the most powerful angel book on the market today. You will laugh and cry at the same time. This humourous - yet serious literary masterpiece will give you a new perspective on life and death.

This is a stirring guardian angel book that can touch your heart - in ways you never thought possible...

This book is an incredible gift you give to someone you truly care about.

I believe your angels guided you to Angel On Board because they wanted to give you a most meaningful book that you could keep or gift to your loved ones. Angel On Board is a story that entertains, changes lives and can heal a grieving heart.

Giving this book is something you can do for loved ones who are hurting, grieving or confused about life.


  • This book changes your perception of reality forever.
  • It feels like it was written just for me.
  • This was a refreshing read. Due to recent events in my own life this was a welcomed break in my sorrow.

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Angel On Board
EJ Thornton

Paranormal Fiction Book-Ghosts & Angels

Pages: 248

Angel On Board
Real Life Stories
is a collection of stories about angels.

Sometimes angels appear and sometimes angels just leave their finger prints on our lives, but it is clear when an angel has been by. Skeptics might look at the same events and chalk it up to 'coincidence' - but these are pretty extreme coincidences...

Do angels dance with us when we're happy?

Do they hold us up when we're sad?

Are angels always nearby to offer encouragement?

Do they help us through the worst times in our lives?

Yes, absolutely yes and here are some amazing
Angel Real Life Stories to prove it!

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Angel On Board - Real Life Stories
Angel On Board Contributors

True Paranormal Stories Starring Angels

Pages: 140

On September 20th, 1928, in a monastery hidden high in the hills of Southern Italy, something very strange happened to a certain Capuchin monk.

Alarmed by the unexplainable events which began to follow, the Church ordered his immediate confinement. But even the thick stone walls of his cell could not detain the phenomenal forces that surrounded him. In a very short time, the entire countryside was keenly aware of his presence. And now, the World will know....

Author's Note

This story is based on the true facts of Padre Pio's life. Some of the events herein are composites of events that have been documented by numerous and reliable sources. Readers who are doubtful, or those who wish to delve further into the story of Padre Pio's life, are referred to the numerous writings about this remarkable Capuchin friar-priest, some listed at the end of this book. Since many of the people involved in Padre Pio's life may still be alive, some of their names have been changed. A few of the characters are also fictitious.

The person who reads this novel and then explores this religious man further will discover that the real life of Padre Pio is far more remarkable and fantastic than any product of this writer's imagination. Many of the anecdotes are difficult to believe, and I present them as a reporter, for you to determine believability for yourself. However, these stories have been researched, in an attempted to be disproved by many, including the Vatican. Though some could not be verified, they could not be disproven.

I now respectfully submit my story of Padre Pio, The Capuchin...

Sex, Horror & Violence vs. Unyielding Faith!

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Padre Pio... The Capuchin
Othniel J. Seiden

Incredible True Story

Pages: 252

The Voice Across the Veil powerfully illustrates that the human spirit transcends death; that those we love are never far away and compassion and forgiveness heal across dimensions. Sharing her own experiences of personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and knowledge of the sacred, Sue reveals that we on the physical plane have access to astounding help from the unseen worlds. This true story provides comfort, hope and joy by showing our innate connection to the benevolent plan in which we all participate.

SUE SCUDDER is a musician, channel and clairvoyant who uses her gifts to bring comfort and healing to all aspects of life. The healing quality of Sue's music has reached into and beyond seven different countries. For over two decades Sue has dedicated her healing arts practice to empowering others to overcome limitations and live in their highest potential.

"This beautifully written book carries the transformative energy of Sue Scudder's interactions with angels and spirits. You will feel their love and perhaps recognize similar contacts in your own life. Read with an open mind, an open heart and be blessed."
BARBARA SNOW, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher & Author

"In all actuality we are eternal beings traveling on this planet in human bodies" - Sue Scudder

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The Voice Across the Veil
Sue Scudder

Spiritual Communications Memoir

Pages: 162

Faced with dysfunctional families and less than desirable companions, Quigley and Marcie move into seamy ways of getting on in the world, one a bone-breaker for a loan shark the other a prostitute. Without much incentive for positive change, there is not much hope for eithers' dream of a better life. Until Quigley, for unknown reasons, finds himself becoming a decent human being. Resisting with all his might, he is powerless to stop that process.

Through circumstances and self-discovery both Quigley and Marcie learn how to deal with the changes that are being thrust upon them by forces they don't quite understand, but ultimately must come to terms with.

Drama and high stakes adventure, comedy and spiritual reckoning await anyone who shares this journey with them.

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A Curse From Heaven
Bert Rothschild

Action & Paranormal Fiction Thriller

I closed my eyes and concentrated on hearing the sound within my head. The hum was there, peaceful and calming. Thank God, I thought, exhaling deeply. But when I breathed back in, I felt an ache in my teeth and jaw, followed by a shivery sensation that pervaded my entire body. There was a sound, very faint, yet extremely high pitched, like an irritating screech that invaded the bones and wouldn't stop.

What was I doing out in the middle of nowhere? I didn't need this.

Camping was not really my idea of a good time anyway. I was afraid. Why should I trust these two men? I wasn't sure I liked the way they were looking at me. The top of my head ached, and my bones felt weak. The screech, once I began hearing it, became unbearable. I didn't want to sound hostile and demanding, yet I had to get out of there!!!

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The Hum
Joice Fairchild

Book about real cause of the Taos Hum

Do you want to attract
greater happiness, success and fulfillment?

Once you're aware of the Law of Attraction and its power, you want to put it to good use in your life. The problem is - you've already been putting it to use in your life - whether you know it or not. The Law of Attraction Made Simple helps you recognize you non-conscious programming and places where you might be self-sabotaging yourself, then the exercises help you correct and eliminate those negative situations. Easy to understand, and even easier to implement exercises, practices and ways to make this part of your every day life.

Finally, an eye-opening book packed with powerful and easy to use tips, tools and techniques to activate the Law of Attraction in your life. Become a magnet for more of what you want in your personal and professional life. Get the results you deserve. You will be amazed at how simple it is.

This book puts Jonathan's magical methods in your hands for immediate use.

Today's thoughts, attitudes and non-conscious programming create tomorrow's results. ~Jonathan Manske

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The Law of Attraction Made Simple
Jonathan Manske

Law of Attraction Exercise book

Pages: 190


is a breathtaking book made to order for the troubled times we are experiencing...

Designed as an uplifting way to bring hope to those who have lost faith in our world.
Totally different but twin brothers shared a special connection. Mark was filled with the universal, intelligent life force and had an extraordinary passion for life, but Paul was a skeptic. After the sudden death of Mark, his forlorn brother retreats to the wilderness to try to work through his grief. Mark comes to Paul in spirit to guide him through the truths about life after death. He teaches him the purpose of life on the earthly plane.

Will Paul emerge from this experience a completely different man?

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The Other Side of My Mind
Doris Hamilton

Afterlife Connections Book

Pages: 168

You are about to embark on an amazing journey into the endless realms of love power.

Love is the energy of attraction to anything and everything we perceive to be beautiful.

Love is best understood when we use a good balance between head knowledge and heartfelt feelings so that both sides of our understanding are merged into a unified concept.

Love is the spiritual awakening that all of humanity is now poised to learn about, and is not quite as mysterious as some would have us believe.

This book will help you achieve a full understanding of what love is and what it is not.

It will help you to become aware of the recognizable love energies that make up the components of your personal love vector.

Setting this goal as your priority can bring you greater joy in life and a new awakening about your true potential. There are 5 Sections of this book featured as follows:

  • I The Concept of Love
  • Relationships
  • Attitudes and Perceptions
  • Dimensions of Expression
  • Unlimited Possibilities.

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Love Power
Alan Halverson

Spiritual Insight Book

Pages: 340

There are some very, very strange stories handed down by many Native American tribes all over North America, all concerning various "little people" and their interactions with humans over the past few hundreds to thousands of years. To back these stories up there are several actual remains of mummified small adult humanoids found in caves of Wyoming and Montana during the 20th century, and there are petroglyphs all over North America that can be interpreted as showing alien-looking small people. All of this data is open to interpretation, of course, but when taken as a whole the evidence points to the very real possibility that diminutive alien beings have been visiting North America for a long time before modern day UFO stories came into being.

This first book in a series covers the mysterious little people of Spirit Mound in South Dakota. Lewis and Clark investigated this site after learning that more than one tribe of natives in the area would not go anywhere near this spot, the only hill in about a thousand square mile area. With open minds, and a bent for reporting accurate facts about their expedition, Lewis and Clark wrote in their journals of the mystery, without being able to explain the stories or the very real fear of the natives in the area.

We visited Spirit Mound within the past couple of years, stepping on precisely the same spots as did Lewis and Clark, and taking in the same amazing views of the prairie from its summit. It was easy to see how this prime piece of real estate was the perfect place for a secure encampment, by Native Americans or alien beings alike. Why has there been such fear of this summit in the 200 or so years since about 350 brave warriors lost their lives trying to retake it? We present the facts, and the reader is encouraged to use critical thinking and open minded analysis to judge for themselves how to explain them.

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Spirit Mound
Thornton & Craig

Unsolved American History Mystery

Pages: 30

Does the 4th dimension really exist?

Is that where the living and the dead connect?

In this paranormal fiction, coming-of-age novel, a young man is 'struck' by his possibilities...

The adventure that his new-found friend takes him on will challenge him in so many interesting and fun ways, until he finally figures out what life is truly all about!

Inspired by a dream; this story will transport you to a place and time where wishes and promises really do come true and life's challenges and heartaches have a happy ending.

Life has an interesting way of leading us down the road we were intended to be on and at the end of this story you will feel good that you took the time along your own journey to be entertained by this fun read. The story will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as you move forward along the chosen path of your life (your hopes and dreams await you in the future, believe in them).

Our aspiration is that you enjoy reading this story as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Thunder Struck Hero
Eric Seiden & Babs Ansetti

Rock Stars Rockin' it book

Beyond the 'Bleep.'

Providing unequivocal Proof of Spirit.

Does God exist?

When his father, a Christian minister, challenged him to seek the "truth," O. Frank scarcely imagined where that journey would lead him. In his deftly woven autobiography, The Science of Spirit, he invites the reader to join his odyssey in search of cosmic truth. Skillfully threading his discoveries through the milestones of his life, he describes his traditional religious upbringing and his science-inspired atheism, culminating with the conclusion that science and God are not mutually exclusive - that science, in fact, provides unequivocal Proof of Spirit.

I am a man on a mission.

I spent most of my life believing this world was real and solid with no hard evidence of spirit. Then in my relentless quest for truth, I found quantum scientific proof that spirit exists and is the basis of everything. This is my personal journey of discovery.


O. Frank is a master at making science understandable.
Julia Haskell University of Texas Biology Major

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The Science of Spirit
O. Frank

Metaphysical Resource

Pages: 270

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