The goal of all paranormal research is to get to the facts.

Today, the average Field Investigator has access to technology and tools way beyond what was imagined just a few short years ago.

Instead of spending hours at a library, or having to telephone a local observatory, or a local weather station, or an Air Traffic Control center, or a nearby U.S. Air Force Base for heaven's sake, today we can get those same answers nearly instantly and by ourselves.

The book How to Investigate UFOs using your Smart Phone's intention is to open some minds to how we can all get to the truth faster, more accurately, and using our own smarts instead of relying on the possibly filtered and controlled information from others.

How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

Not just useful for UFOs

great little round-up of applications that will be useful not only to UFO enthusiasts but also paranormal, crypto-zoological, weather anomaly, environmental activists, maybe even crime scene investigators.

I had no idea that my phone could do so much cool stuff in terms of not only photography, audio recording, and global positioning, but also measuring distances, calculating tri-angulations, historical sky mapping, historical weather, annotated photography, and more.

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