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Alaska Smokejumpers Welfare Fund

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Fairbanks is home to the crew closest to Murry Taylor's heart! He jumped as an Alaska jumper from '73 through '78, then again from '88 through 2000--a total of 19 years.

Both Jumping Fire and this new book, More or Less Crazy, take place primarily in Alaska.

"I wrote about Alaska, because I lived Alaska," Murry will tell you.

When you purchase a copy from this webpage, part of the proceeds (20%) go to support the base's welfare fund. The fund helps families of injured or deceased smokejumpers during times of crisis.

More or Less Crazy

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More or Less Crazy

The Smokejumpers

More or Less Crazy is a book about the summer of '73 when we jumped all over Alaska, then down in the lower 48 at North Cascades, La Grande (now defunct), and then on to Missoula to end the season.

For many of us, the T-Hangar days were the wildest and most wonderful of all our time as smokejumpers. I wanted to write a very funny book about this job and the people that I loved, and so, I wrote this book.

Alaska Smokejumpers Welfare Fund

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