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Boise is a Bureau of Land Management base and, while primarily jumping in the Great Basin, the crew also covers other bases during periods of excessive activity--especially in Alaska.

Murry jumped on this crew his first year back jumping--after eight years being out--in 1987. The next year, he returned to Fairbanks, Boise's sister base.

The Boise crew suffered a tragic loss in September, 2013 when Mark Urban died after his parachute failed to open on an experimental jump near Prairie, Idaho.

When you purchase a book using this link, part of the proceeds (20%) go to support the base welfare fund. The fund helps families of injured or deceased smokejumpers during times of crisis.

More or Less Crazy

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More or Less Crazy

The Smokejumpers

The author, Murry Taylor, is unique; a hard-core, old-school firefighter! He is also a talented and passionate author.

His writing will instantly connect anyone, firefighter or not, with the sights, sounds, smells... and blood, sweat & tears of smokejumping and wildland firefighting. Wildfires are dangerous enough, but he jumped out of planes to fight them... for over 27 years.

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