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During WWII, some people practiced a religion that didn't allow them to become soldiers, so they served their country in other ways. This is the history of one of those very special families...

A husband who was trying to make his wife's life easier as she was serving her country by doing an especially hard job, just needed one thing to make things easier: Eggs... he promise to get her eggs. Now that might not sound like such a big deal - but the way he provided her those eggs led to helping not only the wife, but hundreds and hundreds of more people and it is still helping them today.

Eggs Y Huevos tells the story of how one little idea can lead to amazingly great things...

Eggs Y Huevos

Years ago as I told the "Egg Story" of my father, someone's delight in the story suggested that it would make a fine story for a book. After I retired from teaching, I had time to write that story, with the support of my friends. It is important to pay attention to suggestions; it may turn out to be something you can really do!

One of my most favorite things is looking into the eyes of children as I am reading stories to them. They take in the whole thing... the pictures, the characters, they ask questions and they say, "Read it again!" It has always been a dream of mine to have children look at a book that I have written and love it so much they want to hear it over and over.

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