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How do you bridge the gap from your current circumstances to a prosperous position? How do you get from a place of lack to a place where wealth is possible and the path to prosperity is an easy path to follow?

You have to live in your day-to-day experience. Many wealth teachers teach that you can not put your attention on your day-to-day circumstances if you want to get to a more abundant place. Yet, if you see no hope - no realistic 'how' - to get from here to there, the exercise is, quite frankly, pretty futile. Ignoring your day-to-day circumstances isn't necessarily understood by nagging spouses, hungry children and debt collectors...

What I decided I must do was to find something I could really believe in and let that take me to the place of believing in myself, and my bright future. I had to increase the believability factor of my personal abundance.

I had to find a tangible 'how' that had the possibility to take me there... because the hope that was generated from that could get me to a place of peace, a place of being able to visualize and to a place where I could quiet my own private dream-stealers. It didn't matter if that vision ever came true or panned out. What did matter was that I could imagine that I had an actual vehicle that could take me from here to there. So, I created that vehicle, got there and now "Finding Your Fortune" is intended to create just such a vehicle for you.

If you've studied with prosperity instructors before - and you're still not where you want to be, this book will show you the main reasons and help you get back in touch with those ideas. This book can stand on its own, even if you haven't been studying the works of the popular prosperity gurus, however Finding Your Fortune can help you fix your disconnect with the other prosperity classes and get you on the fast track to finding your financial freedom.

Finding Your Fortune

  • As someone who knows that, "You are what you think about," and that "Money equals choices not things," this book by Ms. Phillips is an absolute find on so many levels! So put down other things for awhile and take in all that this book has to offer. I expect your financial and life success will surprise and amaze you!
  • Are your finances where you want them to be? If not, this book is for you. If you're struggling to make ends meet, struggle no more. Finding Your Fortune gives you useful, meaningful tools to get you onto the path of financial freedom. The tools in this book will provide you new ways to look at your finances. You may have heard that you'll see it when you believe it, but how do you believe it when you don't really believe it? Anyone can claim to teach you how to feel abundant, but if you don't see the path, it remains in the realm of impossibility. Sparkle Phillips shows you a variety of paths available now. Even if you choose not to take any of these paths, the idea and choice opportunities presented to you will change the flow, change the energy, change the thoughts in your mind and bring financial abundant into the realm of possibility. A must read.

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