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Sparkle Phillips' last boy friend dumped her flat, and that was the greatest gift he could've given her. That break up sent Sparkle's life into a tail spin where she was forced to re-examine what had been happening with her and her relationship with the opposite sex for the past 45 years.

Sparkle went through an amazingly revealing process that helped her destroy all the old programming she had about men and figure out why every relationship she'd had with men were basically carbon copies of each other. Once the culprit had been found, the false foundation of 'love' in her life was released and rebuilt. Now she is happily married to a man who can only be described as her soul mate and her partner in love, life, work and more.

Sparkle is a systems analyst. So being an observer, seeing patterns and determining solutions is what she does for a living and she does it well. When she realized her experience actually had duplicatable steps, she decided to re-live and re-analyze the steps it took her to release the past so that she could embrace the future. Her story is funny, insightful and very identifiable. If you're still having troubles in your love life, then this book will give you "Aha Moments" and help you realize some of the false foundations you've built your love life on.

Whether you're a man or woman
looking for a man or a woman,
these principles apply.

Finding Your Soul Mate

It is an easy read, loaded with humor and epiphanies. Enjoy...

What I really loved about your Finding Your Soul Mate was that it was down to Earth. It was easy to read and understand. Nothing in it was difficult, and having Sparkle's experiences as examples helped provide a real-world, step-by-step process that allowed me to reach my goals too. I now have the woman of my dreams. I didn't have to 'settle for less' as new love is everything I dreamed (plus things that I didn't and that made her that much better)!!! I would say to any desiring a 'true relationship' that this is a must-read book!

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