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Capri - 1

Capri is a fun-spirited, talented graphic artist who lends her creativity to authors to help meet their goals by designing award-winning covers.

She is also an author in her own right, with an amazing sense of humor.

Charlie Burrell

Charlie Burrell - 1

Mr. Burrell is a music legend. He is the 'Jackie Robinson' of Classical Music. Charlie is loved by generations of both jazz and classical music devotees.

In 1949 Charlie joined the Denver Symphony as the first person of color under contract with a major orchestra. In 1959 he moved to San Francisco to become the first person of color in the San Francisco Orchestra. I Charlie's 60+ years as a professional musician, he played for conductors including Arthur Fiedler and Pierre Monteux. He has also worked with the who's who of jazz greats--appearing on stage with the likes of Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, and Lionel Hampton.

Claud Aldrich,

Claud Aldrich, - 1

Claud is a member of the Greatest Generation.

Claud served our country during World War II in the Pacific. He served on the battleship USS Van Valkenburg, which was named for the Captain of the USS Arizona. They took the ghosts of the Arizona with them into battle...

Claud published his journal to share his amazing experiences during the war and after it with WWII and history enthusiasts. They called him a Tin Can Sailor, and he wears that label with pride.

E.J. Thornton

E.J. Thornton - 2

Ms. Thornton's interests are quite diverse and extraordinary. From electronic products, to books, to photographic products and publishing/marketing services, EJ through her company Books To Believe In, LucidLights, LLC and SubliThings love to help other entrepreneurs make it in the marketplace!

EJ Thornton is an author of many books, but the first book she ever released was called Angel On Board. Everything that EJ has done since as an entrepreneur has been because of this book. She is the author of over 20 books and is married to an amazing inventor and loves to create products that compliment the books she writes and publishes.

EJ Thornton's author page at

John Clark Craig

John Clark Craig - 1

John is an inventor, author, electronics engineer and generally a totally genius individual with varied interests and loves.

John T. Smith

John T. Smith - 1

It has always been my desire to help patients young and old in their medical care. I always have showed them respect and wish them a healthy lifestyle. It is my intention to have the patient use this workbook to maintain the lifestyle they desire. - The Author

Julia Brandeberry Weaver

Julia Brandeberry Weaver - 1

Julia is a member of the First Mennonite Church in Denver, CO.

She lives with her husband and graduated from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana. She received a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Julia is a teacher and has taught in the Denver Public Schools for 34 years. In 1990, she received the Colorado Council International Reading Award (IRA) for Colorado's Outstanding Reading Educators of the year.

She also received a Honors Teacher Award in 1995 sponsored by National Science Teachers Association, sponsored by NASA. In retirement, Julia loves being with her grandchildren. She enjoys skilling, biking and traveling. She is a member of a writing group and a book club.

L.A. Bisel

L.A. Bisel - 1

is a children's book author who enjoys writing creative stories for kids of all ages. She hopes to contribute to kids' wellbeing by showing them how much fun it is to play outdoors and to interact with other children of different cultures.

Ms. Bisel's goal is to help kids learn as she introduces advanced vocabulary words and provides interesting facts relating to her stories. Most of all, L.A. hopes that kids will discover the joy of using their imagination.

In her first chapter book series, The Outdoor Virtual Adventures™, she introduces her first story, The Crabsderbill & The Pot of Gold. She lives near beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, with her husband, two young adult kids and two dogs.

Marilee Ross

Marilee Ross - 1

Marilee Ross is a resident of a village in the Rockies that recently had to undergo fire mitigation work.

The story of The Spirit Tree is close to her heart and her life. Teaching children not to fear the change that is inevitable in every life is a critically important to their well-being as a child and as a well-adjusted adult.

We thank Marilee for her courage to explain LIFE so beautifully.

Mitch Handelsman

Mitch Handelsman - 1

Mitch is an award-winning professor of Ethics, and a published author of books in his profession. Mitch is also an accomplished trumpet player and plays jazz and blues in the Denver area.

Mitch's most recent book is a collaboration with Charlie Burrell on his autobiography. Charlie is a pioneer in breaking the color barrier in classical music who has a fascinating back story that is inspiring, humorous, heart-breaking and most of all - important!

Murry A. Taylor

Murry A. Taylor - 1

Murry's career 'eating smoke' began the summer of 1959 on the Sierra National Forest on a slash disposal/fire crew. He started smokejumping in 1965 in Redding, California. By 1972, Murry was 31 years old, and it occurred to me that I could simply quit, jump a couple more seasons, get it out of my system, then return to my Forest Service career and settle down.

In 1973, he became a Bureau of Land Management Alaska smokejumper and loved it so much, he never looked back. That season is the setting for More or Less Crazy, and the beginning of what eventually became known as the T-Hangar Days.

In twenty-seven years as a smokejumper, he jumped fires in eight western states, all over Alaska, and the Yukon Territory of Canada. I made 375 total jumps, 205 to fires. The story of smokejumping is a story of extraordinary human endeavor; a story that strongly embraces the tenet that there is virtue in trying hard, keeping the faith, and never giving up.

Sparkle Phillips

Sparkle Phillips - 2

Ms. Phillips is an amazing woman, but wishes to live out of the public eye, so she writes under a pen name.


Bunny - 3

We are W.A.F.!!!

Bunny was one of the many military women who served in the W.A.F. She lived the stories on these pages and she cares about the stories of these military women.

Bunny served as a W.A.F. medic from 1963 to 1965. She was one of the only nine women who completed the medical service specialist flight she enlisted in.

Life dictated she become a mother and a military spouse and Bunny was stationed all over the globe with the love of her life. Bunny never stopped serving her fellow man as she worked in both Law Enforcement/Corrections and Healthcare in her civilian life.

Ultimately she became the caregiver for her husband when he languished and died of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Now she tirelessly works to educate others about the early detection of A.R.D.S. in an effort to save the lives she still can.

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