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Missoula Smokejumpers Welfare Fund

for Missoula Smokejumpers

The Missoula base has a long and proud history, beginning in 1940 with Rufus Robinson and Earl Cooley making the first ever fire jump on Marten Creek of the Nez Perce National Forest.

In July of this year (2015) we will gather in Missoula to celebrate 75 Years of Smokejumping! Montana is some of the most beautiful and rugged jump country in the system including the heart of much of Central Idaho.

When you purchase a copy of More or Less Crazy using this link, part of the proceeds (20%) go to support the base welfare fund. The fund helps families of injured or deceased smokejumpers during times of crisis.

More or Less Crazy

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More or Less Crazy

The Smokejumpers

Murry Taylor, the author of More or Less Crazy has personally jumped out of MSO for several years as a detailed or booster jumper.

In More or Less Crazy, Mr. Taylor (Len in the book) jumps two great fires out of Missoula--one with jumpers from every jump base in the nation. The antics of the T-Hangar days is part of smokejumper legend. Read this version of those adventures in this book and help us help this base's welfare fund give back to the brave people who keep our forest safe!

Missoula Smokejumpers Welfare Fund

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