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Ms. Thornton's interests are quite diverse and extraordinary. From electronic products, to books, to photographic products and publishing/marketing services, EJ through her company Books To Believe In, LucidLights, LLC and SubliThings love to help other entrepreneurs make it in the marketplace!

EJ Thornton is an author of many books, but the first book she ever released was called Angel On Board. Everything that EJ has done since as an entrepreneur has been because of this book. She is an author of over 20 books and is married to an amazing inventor and loves to create products that accent the books she writes and publishes.

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These are the books and e-books for E.J. Thornton:

Angel On Board

Angel On Board

Watch out for angels watching out for you

This book is the most powerful angel book on the market today. You will laugh and cry at the same time. This humorous-yet serious angel book will give you a new perspective on life and death.

This is a stirring guardian angel book that can touch your soul...

This treasured heavenly angel book is an incredible gift you give to someone you truly care about.

I believe your angels guided you to Angel On Board because they wanted to give you a most meaningful present that you could keep or gift to your loved ones. This book is a story that entertains, changes lives and heals a grieving heart.

It is what you can do for people who are hurting, grieving or confused about life.

Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

Watch out for angels watching out for you

This book is a collection of stories about angels.

Sometimes angels appear and sometimes angels just leave their finger prints on our beings, but it is clear when an angel has been by. Doubters might look at the same events and chalk it up to 'coincidence' - but these are pretty extraordinary coincidences...

  • Do angels dance with us when we're happy?
  • Do they hold us up when we're sad?
  • Are angels always nearby to offer encouragement?
  • Do they help us through the worst times in our lives?

Yes, absolutely yes and here are some amazing Angel Real Life Stories to prove it!

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