Julia Brandeberry Weaver

Julia is a member of the First Mennonite Church in Denver.

She lives with her husband and graduated from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana. She received a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Julia is a teacher and has taught in the Denver Public Schools for 34 years. In 1990, she received the Colorado Council International Reading Award (IRA) for Colorado's Outstanding Reading Educators of the year.

She also received a Honors Teacher Award in 1995 sponsored by National Science Teachers Association, sponsored by NASA. In retirement, Julia loves being with her grandchildren. She enjoys skilling, biking and traveling. She is a member of a writing group and a book club.

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Eggs Y Huevos

Eggs Y Huevos

A darling children's book about how small things turn into BIG accomplishments!

During WWII, some people practiced a religion that didn't allow them to become soldiers, so they served their country in other ways. This is the history of one of those very special families...

A husband who was trying to make his wife's life easier as she was serving her country by doing an especially hard job, just needed one thing to make things easier: Eggs... he promise to get her eggs. Now that might not sound like such a big deal - but the way he provided her those eggs led to helping not only the wife, but hundreds and hundreds of more people and it is still helping them today.

Eggs Y Huevos tells the story of how one little idea can lead to amazingly great things...

Julia Brandeberry Weaver

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