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John is an inventor, writer, electronics engineer and generally a totally genius individual with varied interests and loves.

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How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

Tools, tips, tricks and cutting-edge UFO Investigation techniques

The goal of all UFO investigation is to get to the facts.

Today, the average Field Investigator has access to technology and tools way beyond what was possible just a few short years ago.

Instead of spending time at a library, or having to call a local observatory, or a local weather station, or an Air Traffic Control center, or a nearby U.S. Air Force Base for Pete's sake, now we can get those same answers nearly instantly and by ourselves.

This book's goal is to open some eyes to how we can all get to the truth faster, more accurately, and using our own ingenuity instead of relying on the possibly filtered and controlled information from others.

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