L.A. Bisel

is a children's book writer who enjoys writing creative stories for children of all ages. She hopes to contribute to kids' wellbeing by showing them how much fun it is to play outdoors and to interact with other children of different cultures.

L.A.'s goal is to help kids learn as she introduces advanced vocabulary words and provides interesting facts relating to her stories. Most of all, L.A. hopes that kids will discover the joy of using their imagination.

In her first chapter book series, The Outdoor Virtual Adventures™, she introduces her first story, The Crabsderbill & The Pot of Gold.

These are the books and e-books for L.A. Bisel:

The Crabsderbill and the Pot of Gold

The Crabsderbill and the Pot of Gold

The Outdoor Virtual Adventures-Volume 1

Kids! Get ready for a wild and whacky virtual adventure! Find your favorite chair, sit back and imagine that this book is your favorite controller to your newest video game!

Launch yourself into virtual reality with really cool outdoor scenes, and challenge your physical and mental strength in the great outdoors! Explore the caves that have enormous spiders, climb huge boulders along the beach, and discover the water cave with thousands of crabs! Most importantly--meet the amazing Crabsderbill who is unlike any creature on earth--real or imagined!

Then immerse yourself in a wild and unpredictable dream scoring points with your cool laser! Collect mouthwatering candy as it rains lemon drops, red hots and M&Ms! Experience the scavenger hunt with bizarre creatures of the river, and ride the most amazing roller coaster on earth! Enter the maddening maze at your own risk, and meet the Sarus crane who holds the key to a huge POT of GOLD! Who will be the winner? Will it be your favorite character?

As you approach the end of this story, imagine that you are putting aside your favorite controller, knowing that you will pick it up again soon. After all, the next Outdoor Virtual Adventure is scheduled to launch in March 2015 entitled, The Uncata and the Earth's Core.

L.A. Bisel

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