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Bunny was one of the many military women who served in the W.A.F. She lived the stories on these pages and she cares about the stories of these military women.

Bunny served as a W.A.F. medic from 1963 to 1965. She was one of the only nine women who completed the medical service specialist flight she enlisted in.

Life dictated she become a mother and a military wife and she was sent all over the world with her husband. Bunny never stopped serving her fellow man as she worked in both Law Enforcement/Corrections and Healthcare in her civilian life.

Ultimately she became the caregiver for her husband when he languished and died of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Now she tirelessly works to educate others about the early detection of ARDS in an effort to save the lives she still can.

These are the books and e-books for Bunny:



Book 1 WAF series

Escaping the backwoods life of Tennessee in the 1950s, Bonnie left it all behind, including her twin Bertie who was her closest companion and counselor. Facing the unknown, the twins enlisted in different branches of the service and went their separate ways, although their bond to each other would never be broken.

Disregarding the expectations society and family place on young women of the time, Bonnie took up the banner of a military oath and dedicated her life to serving in the Women's Air Force.

Bonnie faced many a hardship as a WAF, but when she garnered the courage enough to follow her heart, the most compelling and dangerous challenges that she would ever face truly defined who she was going to become...



Book 2 WAF series

Our heads were held high in the blazing sun. Our hearts beat faster underneath our starched uniform blouse. Today was ours. WE ARE WAF.

Book two of the women in the military series: WAF - Alice brings us into the heartland.

"We brought them home, broken patched up and mended."

The saga of WAF continues as Alice struggles to keep love and family intact during separations, war and the tragic aftermath of war.

Her story is the story of all military servicewomen who battle constant separation and changes fraught with the problems of being a military servicewoman, wife and mother.

Betty Jean

Betty Jean

Book 3 WAF series

The WAF Saga continues with Betty Jean, a hometown girl, who never wanted more out of life than being a wife and a mother. When circumstances in her hometown force her to flee for safety she has to abandon her dreams She joins the WAF with the hopes of becoming a Security Policewoman.

She is heartbroken when the Vietnam War breaks out and cancels her hopes and dreams.

The end of the War brings change to her life. She and others in the Armed Forces watch helplessly as their men come home to a changed Nation and an uncertain future.

WAF: Betty Jean tells their story of how they try to readjust and find love and happiness.

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