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Claud Aldrich is a member of the Greatest Generation.

Claud served our country during WWII in the Pacific Theater of Operations. He served on the battleship USS Van Valkenburg, which was named for the Captain of the USS Arizona. They took the ghosts of the Arizona with them into battle...

Claud published his journal to share his amazing experiences during the war and after it with WWII and history enthusiasts. They called him a Tin Can Sailor, and he wears that label with pride.

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A Boy A Ship and A War

A Boy A Ship and A War

The journal of a Tin-Can sailor, serving on the USS VanValkenburg

Learn about WWII directly from one who lived it. Claud Aldrich was a Tin-Can sailor, serving on the USS Van Valkenburg - named for the captain of the USS Arizona. The crew of the USS Van Valkenburg took the ghosts of USS Arizona with them into battle.

Claud was a poor boy, one of nine kids, seven boys and two girls. At 18, he was drafted in to the United States Navy, which was an entirely new world to him. He knew nothing about life outside his home. It was a rude awakening for him, to shape up to the facts of life on a warship in a time of war. Learning to be in harm's way and survive was a hard life's lesson to learn, but if you didn't learn it - you didn't ever go home.

Proud, very proud to be one of the 'greatest generation!'

Claud Aldrich,

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