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Redmond Smokejumper's Welfare Fund

for Redmond Smokejumpers

The Redmond Smokejumper's Welfare fund helps families of injured or deceased smokejumpers during times of crisis.

When you purchase a book using this link, part of the proceeds (20%) goes to support this base welfare fund.

From Mr. Taylor, author

Redmond was one of my favorite bases to jump out of when we came down from Alaska. This go-for-it Oregon crew gets a bunch of beautiful jumps along the Cascade Crest. Redmond doesn't have a whole lot of bad--meaning seriously dangerous--jump country, although like all bases, it has some. So watch where you jump, because you will be taking all of its natural beauty in!

As a smokejumper himself, these types of funds are very close to the author's heart. Mr. Taylor and the publisher are joining forces to donate 20% of the gross sales of More or Less Crazy to the Redmond Smokejumper's Welfare Fund.

More or Less Crazy

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More or Less Crazy

The Smokejumpers

1973 was a very interesting year for smokejumpers in Alaska! More or Less Crazy - the Smokejumpers tells the story of the T-Hangar days. Return to the summer of ‘73 and adventure through Alaska as a Smokejumper.

If you are a smokejumper, you'll absolutely love this book - and if you're not, you'll understand this rare breed a little better!

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